Finding Festka

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Finding Festka

In 2016 we asked ourselves the question, can we build you a dream bike. Looking at what we had on offer, we had brands that appealed to your sense of passion, heritage, and precision. Yet, what we didn’t have was a bike that spoke of YOU. A bike that was tailor-fit to you. To address this, we looked to custom builders. We wanted a bespoke bike that would have measurements made to match the rider’s physical traits, ride characteristics to fit his/her riding style, and a paint job that embodied their personality.

Looking online at the best bike builders, we found one that appeared to understand the desires that pulsed through cyclists’ veins and pumped passion back into every aspect of their design. This was Festka from the Czech Republic. A visit was in order to determine if they were the right brand for us.



A meeting was set with Michael Mourecek, part-owner of Festka, and a trip to the intoxicating city of Prague booked. Before I knew it, I found myself standing in their quaint office, watching one builder bonding a carbon frame and another machining a titanium frame. It was absolutely amazing to see actual bikes being made from exotic materials.


The meeting with Michael confirmed our impression of this brand. They were indeed truly passionate about building bikes. Proof of this love coursing deeply through his veins, was the fact that he never skipped a beat in talking about their story despite all the distractions happening around the office.


So the story goes that Festka was a brand born out of frustration. The bicycle industry could not meet Michael’s needs for his dream bike. He and his business partner found great fabricators, amazing painters, and brilliant bike designers, but not one builder who possessed all three qualities. His mission came to be to marry these three capabilities under one roof.


Seeking leaders in their fields, Festka partnered with Compotech who manufactured carbon for industrial use and F1, hired titanium engineers from the aerospace industry, and collaborated with steel experts from Columbus tubing to help fabricate frames. For painting, they enlisted the factory that is in charge of finishing carbon parts for Lamborghini and BMW to create lustrous finishes. For ride quality, Michael and his vast experience as a former pro ensured that the bikes rode as good as they looked.


We had found our missing dream bike. We had found a brand that would custom build a bike that matched your personal style and make use of the best technology to create it. It is with great pleasure that we announce our latest offering at The Brick, Festka bicycles.



Begin your bespoke build now by selecting the Festka build that’s right for you!

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